Chapter Programs

The following are programs, events and activities that Delta Tau Omega Chapter holds annually:

Senior Salute

Senior Salute began in 1980 as a dream to provide a vehicle to publicly recognize African American High School Seniors for their efforts in securing an education and graduating. Each spring, Delta Tau Omega Chapter holds the Senior Salute and Scholarship Recognition Program. The purpose of Senior Salute is three-fold: 1. To recognize the African-American graduating high school seniors in the greater Lansing area, 2. Acknowledge the special accomplishment of honor students who have earned at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, and 3. Award college scholarships. Students who attend the Senior Salute program wear their graduation cap and gown, and receive a certificate of achievement. For many students this is the only recognition that they will receive from their community besides their High School Diploma or GED Certificate on graduation day. Senior Salute is the chapter’s way of honoring and congratulating students for achieving this academic goal and thanking the parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators who made the financial and emotional investments in the students’ success. Delta Tau Omega Chapter partners with the Pearls of Exellence Foundation, Inc. to execute the annual recognition program and awarding of college scholarships.

Summer Celebration: Community Cookout

Delta Tau Omega Chapter’s Community Cookout takes place in August. This is a family-friendly activity where chapter members invite friends and family members to join in fun, food and fellowship at a local park in the Lansing area. The chapter provides food and gift bags for all attendees. Games for adults and children, and a DJ makes the event extra special.

Fall Round-Up

Delta Tau Omega Chapter sponsors Fall Round-Up – a themed reclamation activity – for inactive sorority members, general members and those members new to the greater Lansing area each fall.

Gourmet Gents

Traditionally, the Gourmet Gents Fundraiser featured male cooks from the greater Lansing area. Delta Tau Omega Chapter identified men to showcase their culinary talents with the community. The event took place in October. Attendees purchased tickets for the opportunity to taste the various dishes prepared by the Gents. This fundraiser will resume in 2022 as a reimagined fundraising event. Delta Tau Omega Chapter partners with the Pearls of Exellence Foundation, Inc. to execute this community fundraiser.


Delta Tau Omega Chapter initiated the Sister-2-Sister Program in November 1993 with a conference for high school girls in Lansing, MI. At that time, the intent of the conference was “to demonstrate the care and concern for the unique, critical issues facing young African American females” such as academic skills, conflict (resolution) with peers/adults, personal hygiene/health, and self-esteem. In 2006, Sister-2-Sister expanded its service to include a three-year model to mentor girls from 6th thru 8th grade. Additionally, a Rites of Passage Ceremony is held for girls who complete the three-year program. The conference occurs in the fall and the rites of passage occurs in the spring.

Sister-2-Sister Program Objectives:

To value herself – It is the aim of the Sister-2-Sister Program to motivate girls to realize their worth as individuals. In valuing herself, a girl will believe she can become whomever she wants.

To foster creativity – Our society has marshaled inventions that could not have been imagined had someone not dared to dream. Having a zeal for learning and being passionate toward a subject or field of study will spark new ideas.

To expand their minds – Because students embark on careers where they will compete in a global marketplace, it is necessary that they master the STEM curriculum – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Through the Sister-2-Sister Program girls will come to appreciate why they must raise their educational standards in order to accomplish their goals and achieve the lifestyle they envision for themselves and their families.

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa is a free community literacy initiative that began in 2003 focusing on grades K-5 in the Lansing School District (LSD). In December 2003, Delta Tau Omega Chapter partnered with the LSD to encourage reading and literacy skills in elementary age youth. Delta Tau Omega members contribute in numerous ways to the success of this event. They purchase new books as Christmas gifts for the children, prepare breakfast for the children and their families, give healthy snacks bags with fruit and candy canes as gifts, offer face painting, set-up an on-site reading corner at the event, where chapter members read Christmas stories to the children, and provide an opportunity to children to meet Santa and take a picture with him. Chapter members have great fun during the event dressed like Santa’s helpers in festive costumes and/or Holiday paraphernalia.