You are to be congratulated in Choosing the BEST designed Black Powder Percussion revolver on the Market! Im one of those people, yeah. One of these has been on my list of stuff to get for a long, long time. 5.1/2 .44 I had originally meant to post a pic for this thread, but never did, so here it is, a pic of the rear target sight used on the Pietta version of the 1858 Remington. I got my first 58 Remington in 1989 for Christmas ($99 from Cabelas). I now have two 58s one with a conversion (to 45 colt cartridge) cylinder from Midway that works great, and no black powder fouling. I have a pieta with aftermarket Tresso nipples that do not fit the standard Remington capstoo loose, but fit Dynamil Nobel caps perfectly. The ball is further squeezed when it enters the forcing cone. You know youve got a good, airtight seal in the chamber when the mouth of the cylinder shaves a small lead ring off the edge as you seat the ball. [13], Remington Army and Navy Revolvers 1861-1888, "Lot 44094 The Most Important William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Gun Extant. . 1858 New Model Army .44 Calber Cylinder is currently not available, but we thought you might be interested in these related items: BLACK POWDER PRESENTATION CASE - ARMY/NAVY. . I dont use grease on the cylinder. Youre only hunting if you sharpen a stick and use it as a spear. I did not grease the shutgun one time and thought to fire it last. So feel free to experiment. Which further compromised the already doubtfull Accuracy of the Colt Style revolver! If youve ever thought about getting into cap-and-ball pistols, and want an easy-to-use handgun thats also rugged and dependable, check out an 1858 Remington. Great article and comments, Having an issue with my pietta 44 cal. 5 Safety Stop notches located between chambers. I bought a pietta model 1858 used and still havent fired it yet. The fit of everything is perfect. Add to Cart. (If, after i $393.59. The Tom Selleck Western (from a Louis Lamour book) crossfire trail, the last scene has a virtual plethora of late 1800 iron in use by both the good and bad guys. The Pietta 1858 Remington Sheriff revolver provides the ruggedness of the solid frame and the ability to quickly change cylinders made the Remington Army a favorite of officers and infantry alike during the Civil War. The conversion cylinders are also not regulated, so you can get all of those you want and no one has any record of it. #6. The trigger guard is 325 US$390/369 Pietta .36 Colt 1851 Navy US Marshall Cylinder Loading Pistol (Black Powder) (R/H) - S/H (2) S/H Surrey Trade Seller However, thats for the truly lazy. ROFL, So nice to read about black powder stuff here. 20?) could easily have the hammer slip off his thumb, and and fall into the Half-Cock Notch, This almost always broke off a sixteenth of an inch off the tip of the sear, and using this rough edge to fire the piece, made for a very rough trigger release! I got to fire a few cap and ball revolvers when on holiday in Italy. Me too. The strong top-strap design, the ease of swapping cylinders and the safety notches are all reasons why so many modern cap-and-ball shooters still turn to Fordyce Beals design. . Premium Leather Paddle OWB Revolver Holster with Retention Strap Fits Pietta 1858, 44 Cal Remington Sheriff 5.5'' Octagon Barrel Black Powder Revolver, Right Hand Draw, Brown . In truth round ball is best as it can be bought over-sized and when rammed will become an interference (gas-tight) fit in the chambers, which is what you want. Grooved rear sight made out of top receiver and bladed post front sight. (not by much) sInce they use the .44 barrel boared for .22s, the strength is well past ridiculous, even for the .22 Magnum. Definitely a 50-yard whitetail gun. Pietta Le Mat Cavalry Model Black Powder Revolver 44cal. near mint, Presented in Very Good Condition, That is true. Thank you for watching. The Remington revolver owes its durability to the "topstrap", solid-frame design. I send one of their revolvers back after opening it. Drop in Conversion Cylinder for the .44 Cal Pietta 1858 Remington Army. PRIVACY POLICY. Very nice article on the 1858 Remington. It isnt the first C&B Revolver Ive bought, but the first one belongs to my son and he has it. I respect your opinion, but roll my eyes when you try to state that as a matter of fact when its an opinion. It was a great pointer and very accurate. But on my wish-they-would-make list a 5-shot .50 Old Army designed for sabot bullets and 50-grain Pydrodex pellets. I had to pause writing this so I coMore details, EMF Company, Inc. 1900 East Warner Ave. This can be of the fixed kind as on this example, or the more target-orientated adjustable unit we are familiar with on modern D/A revolvers, such as the S&W 686 or Colt Python. Use only cowboy ammunition that does not exceed 850 FPS; never use hot or jacketed ammunition. 3) roughness of internal parts. Using just 5-grains of Red Dot smokeless powder under a 200-grain bullet would let the gun shoot to point of aim at 25 yards without touching the sights at all. And a .50 sabot over 100 grains of Pyrodex is a humane, instant-kill deer load out to 150 yards. A nice write-up and while it may be legal to take deer with the load described I would note that said load has less power than the 44-40 out of a m-92 carbine, a close range proposition to be sure. Uberti's 1858 NMA Inox 5 " strikes a good compromise on practicality and performance in what is a primitive and uncertain system. All smokeless powder and paper free. Oh, and dont use your telephone to order them, either. In the interest of keeping shooters out of prison, I will wade in. Black-Powder Revolver celebrates the classic look and handling. Finishes Technical Parts and Schematics G08: HAND RUBBED OIL ON SELECTED WOOD 0103 1858 NEW ARMY 8 TARGET INOX.44 REV 8" .44 0106 1858 NEW ARMY INOX 5.1/2 .44 REV. Thanks for giving some info on the handgun side of the black powder world. thereof. Got one of each. Big thump, big cloud, and I could see the huge rounds hitting the berm when I was spotting through binoculars. The Remington Army cartridge-conversions were the first large-caliber cartridge revolvers available, beating even Smith & Wesson's .44 American to market by nearly two years. Pew Poll: Gun Control Losing Steam, Money and Popularity, New From ShaloTek: P320 Compensated Slide, The 3 Most Important Handgun Shooting Stances to Learn, Gun Review: Taurus GX4XL T.O.R.O. This was a very common happening in the field. Second those who shot cartridge pistols and still want the challenge of a handgun so have learned to love, or at least put up with the foibles of BP equipment. 1858 competition stainless steel Valken Tactical Thunder 130-dB . Oct 19, 2014. I lowered my ball size from .454 to 451 (pietta) and dropped my charge from 30 to 20 grains. Custom Revolver Cylinder Pouch Our Sale Price: From $12.50 to $15.00 This revolver cylinder holster/pouch is made of top grain leather and built to last. This item has been previously loved and shot only 48 rounds since new. But to me, it just seems that a black powder gun pushing a round ball does not have the ballistics to routinely be lethal on a whitetail deer. A Nice Example, Then little oil and you are set. They tell me that they inspect every gun they get and wont sell anything they dont think is high quality, and I believe it. It just looks cooler (IMO) than the navy, walker, or dragoon. 1858 Remington Stainless Steel Sheriff .44 5 1/2" UI Price: $485.00 Rated: .44 CALIBER STAINLESS STEEL 5 1/2" BARREL ULTRA IVORY TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK! The only slight disadvantage, if you consider it so, is the reduction in muzzle velocity when compared to the full length version. The greatest going away gift I ever got in my 25 years in the Army was the Uberti 1873 with my name and callsign engraved on the barrel that the guys in my battalion gave me when I left command. Being a Cavalryman Ive always loved the 1858s, 1860s and 1873s. Fordyce Beals. It will come out squeaky clean and also dry and all you need to do is squirt some oil into the mechanism. The nature of the weapon makes no difference; one is just as deadly, and in the same way as the other. HOWEVER, the standard model 1858 Remington Pietta has .454 chambers. Categories. Any gun made before Jan 1 1999 i is an antique gun, and requires no involvement of an FFL holder. After the first range trip, i tore it down to the last screw and cleaned/oiled the whole thing and still wound up with some rust on it when I put it back together the next day. Frankly, I like the 45LC version better. revolvers. Can anyone tell me a good load to start? On that point the shorter barrel means a slightly abbreviated rammer arm, with consequently less leverage available. One good smack on the percussion caps, and BOOM! Watch or Cabelas stores ( if you have one close to you) In the .44 version, each of the six chambers can hold up to 40 grains of black powder. The trigger guard is, Presented in Very Good Condition, Ill stick to smokeless powder firearms from now on (because Im lazy!). But always remember that the original buffal0 rifles were all black powder cartridges. Removable blued steel 6 shot cylinder. I am planning on getting one for my Grandson and maybe one for my Granddaughter. 1858 Remington Holster HardcoreLeather (293) $75.00 FREE shipping More colors Holster prestige handmade for revolver / Remington 1858 Sheriff New Army / French cowhide with vegetable tanning HyperionEuropa (14) $116.47 Remington 1858, 3D Printed. The checked grips are really a nice touch and feel wonderful. . Features & Highlights Precisely Machined Cylinders Revolver cylinders are machined for clean, precise nipple recesses and cylinder notches. Those who use muzzle-loading revolvers in my opinion fall into two distinct groups first are the traditionalists who like the equipment for what it is and, perhaps more importantly, as it was originally designed. Selleck also used a Winchester 1876, and there are various Winny models all over town. Copyright 2023 Aceville Publications Ltd. percussion caps are NOT standard size. I know! It would sure be cool to see a review of the Colt competitors